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The Manciano

The Manciano


Handmade using lamb nappa leather with a shearling collar, the Manciano is the perfect combination of luxury style and function. Naturally weatherproof and incredibly warm with it's removable quilted liner, the Manciano promises to be comfortable all year round.




*This pre-order campaign will run until March 24th at which point all orders will enter production with a view to ship in September. We are only offering this garment as a pre-order, as a brand we are concious of the impact the fashion industry has on the environment and by utilising a pre-order model we are able to negate some of this negative effect*

Expected to ship in September 2023
  • Pre-Order Information

    You are placing a pre-order for an item that is handmade by artisans using age old tailoring techniques. As such, there is an expected lead time of September 2023.

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